Plan your legacy in order to achieve your family's goals.
Protect your assets and your loved ones through the use of trusts.
Explore tax strategies to reduce your estate or income taxes.
Family Office
Coordinate legal support for generational family wealth planning, business and philanthropic goals.
Engage in business services to start or grow your business.
Supporting the greater Oklahoma City area

Properly executed, an Oklahoma estate plan can protect your family’s legacy for generations.  Swain Trusts & Estates Law has the knowledge, the know-how, the professionalism, the breadth, and the commitment to walk with you every step of the way.

You reap the benefits of our proven expertise and record of successes with our sophisticated client base. Our full array of services is aimed at helping you achieve your short- and long-term personal and professional goals.

Your story is unique. You are proud of your accomplishments. Swain Trusts & Estates Law of Oklahoma City fully understands that and celebrates that with you. We are expert at providing personalized, cutting edge services tailored to your specific requirements, from our first meeting, and as your needs evolve and change over time. We create a partnership together to help you to realize your goals.

Your family’s circumstances are special and unique, and we never forget that. Partnering together, we help identify goals, direction and tax consequences. We work tirelessly to meet every objective to your advantage.

Always advocating for you, we team with your accountants and financial advisors to provide personalized and sophisticated estate planning.  Working with Swain Trusts & Estates Law, you benefit from our modern, cutting edge, personalized service, which all lays the groundwork for your peace of mind. You will be protected in any potential scenario, including death or disability.

Swain Trusts & Estates Law of Oklahoma City builds ongoing relationships. We pride ourselves on staying in touch and knowing our clients and each unique situation. Needs will arise, and we take our partnerships very seriously. If a loved one passes, we can assist you in trust administration, and navigating the probate or estate administration in district court. And our attorneys can evaluate and advise on matters involving asset protection planning, business holdings and real estate.

Count on us for accurate assessments and direction. Count on us when there are changes in your family, your assets, and applicable laws. Count on us to help identify your goals, track and support your progress and celebrate your successes. And count on us to keep your personalized documents up-to-date (paper and digital format).

Here are the five categories that Swain Trusts & Estates Law of Oklahoma City handles for our clients. We’ve built our reputation on our multiple successes for our clients in each of these areas. Click on each category for some idea of the breadth of our expertise.

    • Estate Planning
    • Trusts
    • Tax Matters
    • Business
    • Family Office

Whether your needs are immediate, short-term, or long-term, you want a partner with the knowledge, the understanding, the skills and the track record to get you where you want to be. That partner is Swain Trusts & Estates Law of Oklahoma City.



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